The idea was born in Japan – a country where sandals are far more than just shoes. They’re a centuries-old tradition. An inextricable part of a kimono outfit. The footgear of Buddhist monks on their spiritual journeys. And a symbol of freedom to go wherever you like.

But come November, the temperature in Tokyo often falls below 10°C and chilly days continue throughout the winter. The outside and the inside become two separate worlds: of freezing cold and pleasant warmth.

Between those two worlds, SUBU is the bridge. Offering a whole new level of functionality, they leave you surprised that outdoor shoes could ever feel so soft. Their modern, streamlined design blends well with any outfit. And in a matter of seconds, SUBU bring the outside world at your fingertips – even in the middle of winter.

Imagine a midnight stroll around the neighbourhood. A laidback trip into the nearby forest. A bonfire on a campsite.

And wear functionality and beauty combined.