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FIRST DOWN was born in 1983. Its founder, YOUNG IN CHUNG, who was a Korean immigrant, established the brand under the name FIRST DOWN in New Jersey. With a strong ambition to become the number one presence in the world of down jackets and a name that played on both this aspiration and American football’s “first down,” they took their momentous first step. He was determined to achieve the American Dream, and he actively pursued this by adopting the slogan “Dream It. Be It.” He devoted himself energetically to the craft of manufacturing. Among the various products, the “Bubble Jacket,” which has been available since the inception of FIRST DOWN, was named the most authentic down jacket and has garnered support from many people as a symbol of the brand to this day. Just as the Spanish Harlem hip-hop artist, Bodega Bamz, raps “93 with the First Down bubble” in “NAVY,” the history of FIRST DOWN has remained intertwined with the streets of New York from then till now.


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